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Selected work. For my research output, please click here.

Presentation Skills.jpg

Presentation Skills

Symbiose 2020

Workshop I delivered on academic presentations.

Digital health for TB in conflict areas

Union Conference 2023

Presentation based on volunteers' experiences of working with Ukrainian refuges at the beginning of the war in Iasi, Romania.

Ioana_M_TB in conflict_DAT_Ukraine.pptx.jpg

Creative & Teaching

Department of Geriatrics, Parhon Hospital, Iasi, Romania

Created visual identity for a conference I organised within the department, which became the visual identity of the department.

Taught students and deigned parts of the internal medicine and geriatrics exams.

Student research project

First prize European Radiology Conference "Rising Stars" Section

Performed research regarding how medical students view radiology as it was taught in Iasi, Romania, in 2012 and presented it during a competition for young scientists.

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