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Work News January 2024

I'm working on several ideas. I finished my previous employment on the 1st of January and, after taking a short holiday, I am dedicating most of my time to exploring different future paths:

  • I am learning Dutch in order to have the opportunity to become a physician either in the Netherlands or Belgium.

  • I am applying for research jobs - I am searching for projects in global health, digital health, migrant health. I would prefer a hybrid working situation or a fixed job in Europe

  • I am also conceptualising a post-doc grant based on the future perspectives possibilities revealed by my PhD thesis

  • I have submitted my last two chapters to Q1 journals

In my spare time I am working on several creative projects I will detail as they progress:

  1. I had a wildly unproductive day which led me to create a game for myself where I considered the main task of the day as a boss - such as a boss from an RPG game and I divided it into sub tasks / mini bosses. I made a pool of rewards and every time I finished a task / defeated a mini boss, I would pull a reward out. The reward would be a surprise, which added to the dopamine kick. The reward pool was filled with things I found fun, such as watching 10 minutes of a documentary or stretching on music for 10 minutes. I am thinking of transforming this idea into a game.

  2. I like to fall asleep either reading or listening to a podcast and stumbled upon several podcasts narrating stories, so I thought I'd translate some Romanian folk tales and read them. Romanian folklore is possibly less well known than other European stories and, because Romania was at the crossroads between East and West, has several interesting influences.

  3. I am building a board game. I have the concept, but I am struggling with the math of balancing gameplay. It's a new experience, so I am learning a lot about game design in the process.


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